Today I Celebrate My 6 Month Vegan Celebration!

6 months OH MY!
6 months OH MY!

6 months as a vegan OH MY!

I am so excited I actually stuck with being a vegan this time and I couldn't be prouder of myself! I have tried to go vegan a few times before but didn't have the proper support and guidance that I needed. Now that I have both I am able to make this lifestyle change and succeed. If you have watched my Nutrition Tips video on YouTube ( ) or seen my bio on social media (@AngelsNCC) you will see that I claim to be vegan•ish.

I claim to be vegan•ish because although I gave up meat immediately and haven't looked back in 6 months, I still struggle with dairy (mostly just milk) being in some things that I like to eat. Like most beginner vegans I am still trying my best to find vegan substitutions that satisfies my taste buds. After 6 months of trying my best to find substitutions for my favorite non vegan foods, I am pleased to announce that I am almost there!

I have problems with eating on occasions the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup candy and the Celebratory Non-vegan Birthday cake. For my birthday of course I get a vegan birthday cake, but I cannot control others birthday and their choice of a non-vegan birthday cake. And sometimes I also cannot control myself when around the non- vegan birthday cake LOL! Especially a non- vegan birthday cake with buttercream icing! But those days are far in between. Overall, I am happy with my progress and I look forward to continuing my lifestyle change and steer away from Reese's and non- vegan birthday cakes. I know that it's all about self-control and I will become 100% vegan eventually. My goal is to be 100% vegan by my one-year vegan celebration.

I became a vegan for the animals and to my liking it is changing for the better the way my body feels overall as a whole. Before becoming a vegan, I was not a "healthy" eater all the time and now that I am vegan, I am still not a "healthy" eater all the time. I highly recommend you check out my recipes and leave me a comment on here or send me and email at if you have a certain dish you would like me to post a recipe for or if you have any questions about becoming a vegan or if you just simply need support or guidance on your vegan journey or any fitness and nutrition journey. Let me know, I am here to help and support you!