Let’s Get Personal

Lose fat, Gain muscle
Lose fat, Gain muscle

Let's get personal, I want to start by saying that I am human just like all of my clients LOL. That means I to lose weight, gain weight, emotionally eat and even over eat at times. These things make me the perfect Nutritionist for you. Not only have I personally been through majority of the reasons you may not be reaching your fitness goal but I have overcame them and I have worked with hundreds of clients who have also overcame them. Furthermore, I know that losing weight, gaining weight, emotionally eating and over eating just to name a few are all conditions that exist and for most people they just don't go away. It's like an addiction there is always a possibility you may relapse and that’s where I come in to help you. When my clients sign up with me they are stuck with me for life! I am here for them wether they just had a baby and need to lose weight or just went through a bad breakup and want to gain weight or get that revenge body. Whatever your fitness goals are I promise you I will get you there because I specialize in results 💕

As you already know my personal journey began again when I gained weight during the beginning of the pandemic. Please read the full article about how I gained weight during the pandemic and how I lost the weight here. What you don't know is that once I lost my weight I felt the need to buff up a bit. That led me to my new fitness goal of losing fat and gaining muscle. I started this process at the end of June 2021. Summer had already started but I did not let that deter me from getting started with my new fitness goal. I am pleased to announce that I have already lost 5% fat and gained 5% muscle in my first month. In my second month I lost 7% fat and gained 7% muscle. I'm still putting in the work and hoping that my next weigh in for this month will be at least 9% and up fat lost and 9% and up muscle gain. 

Please follow my fitness journey on Instagram and be active, let’s keep each other motivated. And please feel free to contact me anytime. I'd love to help you on your fitness goals.